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What Clients Are Saying About Cellular Express Phone Rentals
Who better to rave about the reliability and dependability of our international cell phone rental services than people that have benefited from them? Below is only a sampling of exceptional comments we receive from our valued clients.

"Your customer service is outstanding.  Everyone I have spoken with has been friendly and easy to talk to."
Robert L., Upper Arlington, OH

"As a parent of cell-phone generation children, I'm accustomed to keeping in touch with my kids, and I couldn't imagine losing that luxury overseas. Just knowing you can contact each other is a comfort, even if you plan to stay together 24/7."

"It was amazingly easy to use and gave us a sense of security to have with us.  We had great reception."
Julie D., Goshen, IN

"Great experience, everything exceeded my expectations - would recommend, Thanks!"
Gregory L., Sioux City, IA

"I LOVED this phone!  It made my life so easy.  I love the really easy & clear instructions you include!  It was so handy to call a friend in Hamburg from the train saying when I'd arrive for instance.  I will definitely do this from now on for international travel.  THANK YOU!"
Renee M., Christiansburg, VA

"I could not have made the trip confidently without your phone.  I loved Everything!"
Susanne C., Clevelandm OH

"Excellent presentation, attention to detail of needs of traveler.  This was a great experience, thank you for your help, will call again."
Que-Lan E., Holland, MI

"It's always a pleasure and peace of mind doing business with you.  Thank you very much."
Mark R., Freehold, NJ

I just took my phone back to FedEx and wanted to tell you that my first experience with your company and its service was exceptional.  You've got a new and very satisfied customer.
Mario V., Akron, OH

This service is fantastic - Phone easy to use - Clear instructions.  I recommended you to several traveling companions.
Randy H. Altoona, WI

Thanks for the great service and the ability to reach my son in the middle of the Indian Ocean!  An invaluable experience!  Highly recommend to others.
Debbie R., Rumson, NJ

"You are priced very competitively with great service.  Thank you!"
Kirk B., Knoxville, TN

"Speed and convenience - and the fact that no detail was overlooked.  Thanks very much!!  The fact that our sin had this phone with him while in England, gave us great peace of mind."
William A., Grosse Pointe Farms, MI

"Being that this was the first time I have traveled overseas, it was Very Comforting knowing that I could be reached and I could call when I needed.  I felt very secure knowing my kit had everything I needed to sustain my trip."
Monica S., Miami, FL

"Tech support - great!  Wonderful staff!
Susan K., Delmar, NY

"This is a fantastic service that facilitates communication while traveling at a low, reasonable cost.  Everything was at my fingertips (international charger, earphone, etc.). "
Carmen T., New York, NY

"I got excellent service and signal everywhere I traveled.:
Christine F., Beaver, PA

"Prompt and efficient.  Good equipment, keep up the good work.  I'll call next time I travel."
Norbert M., Gettysburg, PA

"The best thing I ever did was getting this phone to travel.  I have told anyone and everyone about this service and how easy and inexpensive it is.  Thanks!"
Mary D., Cedar Rapids, IA

"Thank you for your excellent service.  This phone was for my 86 year old father, who was traveling to China & Hong Kong for three weeks, and the phone worked GREAT.  You were very helpful on the phone, also the web site was very informative... which made your company more trustworthy and reliable.  Thanks again."
Larry M., New York, NY

"Thanks again for your help.  Of the many cellular rental companies that I contacted, yours was by far the most responsive and professional."
Mary C., Seatlle, WA

"Renting the phones before our trip to Europe was a last minute decision, but it turned out to be the best decision I made.  I needed to make last minute travel changes while in Switzerland and the cell phone enabled me to coordinate activities in three countries.  I could not have accomplished this without my Cellular Express phone.  The signal and voice quality was excellent.  I highly recommend this service.  Thank you!"
Melodie V., Westfield, NJ

"Fast, easy, neat packaging of phones and accessories."
Craig M., Denver, CO

"Prompt service, excellent product, completeness of kit."
Brain L., New York, NY

"Clear communication with family at anytime from anywhere."
Katelyn M., Idaho Hills, ID

"Thanks for the great service you provided me this past week for my trip to Germany.  I have already sent an e-maul to my colleagues and recommended your service.  I will most definitely use your service for all future overseas trips."
John M., Orlando, FL

"You guys are AWESOME!  Arrived at 6:45 a.m. just in time for my flight.  Thank you for your effort."
Sandra B., Albuquerque, NM

"The phone worked fabulously! I couldn't have been more pleased with your service. Thanks for the great experience! I wish everyone ran their business like yours."
Scott S., Salt Lake City, UT

"The phone worked great in all the countries we visited. We will be calling on your services again."
Janet Z., Little Rock, AR

"Your phone was an unbelievable asset while we were on tour in Europe. The ability it gave me to conduct business not only in Europe, but also with my associates back in the US was the reason we were able to have such a successful tour. I will be contacting you for our next Tour."
Betty Ann J., Colchester, CT

"I cannot wait to recommend your service to any one of our associates or vendors. Thank you for a great service."
Bill L., Beverly Hills, CA

"We would like to thank you for the outstanding and efficient service we received from you and your company."
Corey S., Whistler, BC Canada

"This phone worked GREAT!!!"
Daniel F., Boston, MA

"Excellent Service!!"
Joseph L. Atlanta, GA

"The phone saved us because we had an emergency medical situation.  It was very easy to use - the directions card was key."
Sue D., Parsippany, NJ

"I personally, thank you for all the assistance you gave us and your prompt service was most welcomed in our last minute request."
Ronda J., Columbus, OH

"Your service was excellent, I will recommend your company with confidence."
Nick D., New York, NY

"My trip to Paris was a complete success thanks to the communication I had with my Cellular Express rental phone. I look forward to using your service in the future."
Angela R., Houston, TX

"Thank you for the prompt and courteous service we received from your staff. It is comforting to know you are there when we need you."
Lisa M., Durham, NC

"Thanks for the amazing service.  The phones were a big help in having a fabulous time in Rio."
Sofia V., Miami, FL

"Thanks so much for the efficient and friendly service!  I'll be heading to Europe again, so I expect you'll hear from me soon, Thanks."
Amy D., Los Angeles, CA

"The phone worked great and was needed as beyond my work usage we had a medical emergency and it sure did help out with communications for an evacuation."
Jere T., Chaska, MN

"Phone worked Perfect - I will rent from you again.  Please fax final bill to my office."
Mike Z., Wakefield, MI

"Service is great. Never a problem."
Marilyn K., Fairfax, VA

"You are a pleasure to do business with, I appreciate your understanding.  I will call you as soon as I rebook, Thank you kindly."
Debbie M., Uniondale, NY

"Easy to use - great to be able to be in contact with family."
Curt K., Madison, IN

"Thank you so much! Your service worked out fantanstic."
Courtney L., New York, NY

"Arrived on time, easy to use, all components included, super convenient"
Tish G., Broadview, IL

"Easy to use & understand directions.  Fast delivery - Good travel case with all necessary attachments."
Kari D., Lahaina, HI

"Just wanted to thank you for the cell phone.  It was the best thing I ever did.  It worked Great!!  I appreciate the great service your company offers.  I recommended your company to everyone on the island.  Hope to do business with you again."
Joan V., Wayne, NJ

"I appreciated the response time & accuracy.  E-mail progress updates kept me informed and confident (order acknowledgement, phone #, tracking #)."
John M., Cleveland, OH

"The phone worked great all over Switzerland, even in the mountains."
Curry N., Richmond, VA

"Thank you for your wonderful service, the phones were great and without them in Italy we would have lost people.  Our group of 14 had one in each car.  The ease of returning was great too."

"Your service is a lifesaver.  I don't know how I would have survived abroad without it!"
Giuliano F., Findlay, OH

"I could order & receive my phone the next day, returning is made very easy, business cards are a nice touch."
Rebecca C., Middleton, WI

"Very prompt, efficient and courteous."
Lori P., Victor, NY

"Your sales representatives are both pleasant and knowledgeable."
Judith S., Summit, NJ

"I love the expediency, the easy operation of the phone and the good quality of its connections."
Stella M., Roseland, NJ

"Promptness of delivery.  The phone exceeded expectations."

Amanda B., Grand Blanc, MI

"Thanks, you delivered on a moment's notice!"

Andrea B., New York, NY

"Good reception out in the wilderness. Everything was great!"
David P. Alpine, UT

"The phone worked great all over Russia, we had no problems, Thank You!!"
Marilyn K., Fairfax, VA

"Everything was great!"
Fred V., Wilmington, CA

"I appreciated the e-mail notification and found the personalized cards very helpful.  Prompt service!"
Chris T., New York, NY

"Just very good service."
Bob L., Goldsboro, NC

"I can't imagine not having it, made my trip so much easier, all my friends all wanted to use it."
Eric H., Baltimore, MD

"It worked perfectly in France, Thank You - until next time."
Christine M., Selkirk, NY

"Package sent quickly & complete, good phone, clear and accurate."
Norman D., Lovettsville, VA

"Worked everywhere I traveled.  Thank you."
Blythe B., Minneapolis, MN

"You are very good at what you do and you have made my cellular needs during our overseas trip an enjoyable experience."
Tracy O., Scottsdale, AZ

"We used your phone service in Hungary last year.  The phone saved our vacation - while on a remote bike trip and one of the bikes broke."
Dennis S., Colorado Springs, CO

"Quick response, very helpful service, complete package including phone business cards, simple instruction sheet."
Karen A., Rochester, NY

"Easy to use and business cards with phone number were very well done. Thanks!"
John L., Exeter, NH

"Thank you so much for your always prompt and efficient service"
Judy C., Fairfax, VA

"Excellent customer service!"
Amanda G., Oak Park, MI

"Fast, accuracy of order, easy to do from start to finish, nice equipment & packaging.  Having the travel cards was a big help!"
Barbara M., Olive Branch, MS

"Ease of delivery and set-up; extremely fast service!!"
Elissa D., New York, NY

" I was able to get all the information I needed from your web site and received quick informative service."
Balazs.L., Claremont, CA

"Overall support was fast & knowledgable.  Everything was great, keep up the good work!"
Monte B., Peoria, IL

"Very responsive & reliable & reasonable."
Gordie E., Cross Plains, WI

"Quick delivery & wonderfully pleasant csutomer service :)"
Diane C., Chattanooga, TN

"Great coverage all over China."
Norm R., Chatham, VA

"Very prompt and courteous.  Equipment was in great condition and well organized."
Ellen G., New York, NY

"Your service was prompt, professional and greatly appreciated.  Thank you!"
Jean R., Annapolis, MD

"Thanks for the great phone rental & excellent customer service!!"
Amanda G., Oak Park, MI

"Easy delivery and set-up; extrememly fast service!!"
Elissa D., New York, NY

"The connection was great throughout Europe!"
Suk J., Fort Lee, NJ

"Very responsive and knowledable.  Thank you!"
Terry P., Ghent, WV

"Staff was well trained and knowledgeable.  Our customer service rep was Great and Very Helpful!!"
Dave B., Princeton, NJ

"Speed of delivery, immediately available service in each country."
Raoul P., Houston, TX

"The customer service rep was excellent!  Very knowledable, great help.  This was the first time I rented a phone and was very apprehensive, I would do it again in a second!  Great Service!"

Regina W., Natick, MA

"Great service - easy to order - answered all questions - equipment worked great!"
William H., Chanute, KS

"Thank you for the use of this cell phone, it was very assuring to have with us on our trip abroad."
Lynne D., New York, NY

"Very knowledgable & responsive.  Loved the business cards with my name on them."
Travis B., Sandy, UT

"Very good customer service and response time.  Phone was very convenient and easy to use!"
Vita S., St. Clair Shores, MI

"I had service in multiple locations even in the most rural parts of South Africa.  It was very comforting to know that I had service no matter where I went."
Damita D., Boston, MA

"I received the phone I rented and checked it over.  It seems wonderful and I still can't believe that a company like yours exists!  I am so happy to be able to keep in touch with my family while in Europe."
Angela P., Haddonfiled, NJ

"Thank you for all your assistance with my cell phone rental for Jordan back in April.  It worked out Great!"
Jill G.,

"Great phone service - customer care - and easy to use phone system.  I was sincerely impressed with your services!"
Jennifer N., Brookings, SD

"Your service provided an easy way to telephone, leave voice messages and send text messages to stay in touch with our daughter while in England."
Vivian T., Houston, TX

"Thank you so much!  Your kindness is much appreciated.  You will definitely be the one I call the next time I travel.  Have a nice day."
Liz A.,

"Thanks for your Excellent Service!  I'll definitely make use of it in the future."
Simon E., West Hollywood, CA

"Easy to use, clearly explained.  Phone worked perfectly!!!"
Mark S., Bridgewater, NJ

Always reachable, clear directions for phone use, friendly interactions.
Helen V. Peoria, IL

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