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With today’s increased demand for mobility, it is now more important than ever to be able to maintain open communication no matter where life takes you. For traveling executives, the need for mobile flexibility is crucial when competing in a global marketplace. Cellular Express Phone Rentals, Inc. offers the reliable link to maintain that global perspective with constant communication throughout the world.

For leisure travelers, being out of the country is no longer a barrier to communicate freely with family and friends. Safety, simplicity and convenience are important issues when traveling abroad and with an international cellular phone rental, you will be able to tour with complete peace of mind.

Our clients include global business & leisure travelers, national and international government agencies, US Military, emergency relief organizations, fortune 500 companies, universities and colleges, student travelers, tourism & travel organizations, banks and financial institutions, security companies and more. From individual travelers, to blue chip institutions, Cellular Express Phone Rentals, Inc. can help you communicate anywhere, anytime.

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