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What are the cellular airtime rates?
What is the airtime minimum?
What are the rental fees for and international cellular phone?
What are the satellite airtime rates?
What are the rental fees for a satellite phone?
When does the billing start?
Are there any roaming fees?
What does insurance cover?
What happens if the phone is lost or stolen?
Do airtime charges apply when checking voice mail?
When am I billed for the rental?
What is the pre-authorization?
What if I return the phone rental early?

Cellular Phone Usage
What kind of phone will I get?
Do I have to activate the phone once I receive it?
How do I call the US while I am abroad?
Are the batteries charged when I receive the phone?
Does the phone kit come with foreign adaptors for the battery charger?
What is the battery life of a cell phone?
How long does it take to charge the battery?
Can I forward my cellular, home or office calls to the cell phone?
How do I check Voice Mail?
What if I have problems or questions while I am traveling?

How do I order?
How long does it take to receive the phone?
Will I receive confirmation of my order?
How do I return the phone?

Satellite Phone Usage
When do I need to rent a satellite phone?
Which type of satellite phone should I rent?
Does it work just like a cell phone?
Can I receive calls on a satellite phone?
Will the satellite phone work inside a cruise ship cabin or inside a car?
How big is the satellite phone?
What is the battery life of the phone?
How long does it take to charge the battery?
Can I get voice mail with a satellite phone?
Does the phone come with instructions?

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