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International Cell Phone Rental Rates

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Equipment Rental
Daily Rental Charge $2.95
Weekly Rental Charge $14.95
Monthly Rental Charge $49.95
Airtime Minimum 3 min/day
Handset Insurance (optional) $2.49/day
Voice Mail (optional) $0.99/day
Single Country Calling Rates – If traveling exclusively to one of these countries*
Rest of the World or Multi-Country Calling Rates – If traveling to multiple countries or to a country not listed above**
PLEASE BEWARE: We are not a pre-paid SIM card service. Beware of SIM card rental or purchase companies who provide inferior international SIM cards which require you to "top-up" or "reload" your airtime minutes for their international cell phones. With these services, your cell phone’s SIM card has a limited amount of available airtime usage. Once you reach your limit, your service will be cut off, typically without warning, and you will not be able to place or receive calls until you refill the card with more money. This can be achieved by either calling into their office in the US and adding more time (hardly a viable option when your phone has been disconnected) or via their web site order form (do you really have the time or ability to hunt down a computer with an internet connection while pursuing your busy itinerary to add more time to your phone?) Our phones have no limit and do not require you to ever add more airtime to your phone.
*You will receive a phone with a number of the country you choose
**You will receive a phone with a US number
Shipping rates vary between $15 - $30 each way depending on how soon you need to receive the phone and the destination of delivery. Saturday and oversize deliveries are subject to additional charges. Please call for details.

Calls placed from one Cellular Express rental phone to another Cellular Express rental phone which has a US based number will be charged the International rate even if both phones are within the same country.  You are actually calling the US, then being routed back to the foreign country.

The airtime minimum usage requirement is a cumulative average over the term of the rental.  For example, if you rent a phone for one week, you would be responsible for at least 21 minutes of use at anytime over the course of the week.

All Text messages are billed at $1.79 per text message.

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